Hmm. That tooth extrication thingy didn’t turn out to be much of a big
deal after all (the pain went away in the morning after and I was happily
eating nasi lemak for breakfast!). But something else came up. Back in
1999, I had my first case of kidney stones.
Since then, there has been two other occurences in 2000 and 2001. I
don’t know what gives, but my water intake has been like two bottles
of water from the 1.5L sized bottles everyday at the very least, I don’t
eat much meat if at all (only on occassions like weddings or
thanksgiving kenduris) all this while. Yet, I’m getting another occurence
of it right now. It’s been two days I’ve been dealing with this cramping
pain on my left side and back that’s been happening on and off at
various times of the day, especially in the wee hours of the morning till
noon. It’s still making its way down to the bladder and it’s the most
painful phase. Once it’s in the bladder, it’ll be much of a relief then. I
passed out two stones the size of two rice before so at least I won’t
have to worry about any case of a “pebble stuck in the garden hose”
so to speak. Clean pipes
at the end of this ordeal. I hope.

The timing couldn’t be any better though. Missed the chance to catch
The Matrix: Reloaded.
I’m gonna shove that kidney stone up anyone’s urinary tract if anyone
ever comes close to spoiling it for me. Then again, perhaps a
showing of that movie is just what I need right now. Spoonfork
says he wetted his pants
watching it. Perfect solution to my current predicament really.