Screamyx Stuckages And Suckages

Using Screamyx
is like having an online equivalent of kidney stones really (it’s still not
out yet, by the way). I don’t know about the rest, but I’ve been
consistently getting stuck download sessions on all the machines I have
in my house. Like hapless others, I can only scream, shout and rant
but it will all be in vain and I’ll still have to pay for the subscription at
the end of the month. I can never do a full CVSUP session (to update
the source and port trees) or a proper port install on my FreeBSD
running laptop and God forbid that I even attempt to do any
A quick ping to JARING
yields an average response time of 630ms, double the response time
if I were to dialup to JARING and ping to a
node in the US
(a server at my alma mater). If only the government doesn’t have that
much stake in Telekom
so as to break its monopoly in the market and give them (Telekom) a
run for their money. They could also cut down on their Siti Nurhaliza
promos. Those horny old gits sitting at the top of Telekom’s
management should really try getting their spending priorities right.


  1. lyna

    sorry on d wrong postings eh…i cant help but wonder…u were running hitz chat room ker? r u like, working with them or sumtin? dulu2 i was always in their chat room. wut was ur nick?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    yep. i was with astro between 1998 till end of 2000. seen and done a lot there till it was time to move on. i’m still on those channels these days as dJcybersonique. obvious innit? ;)

  3. semey

    woit. leave siti out of this!! I like her promo. Her human size cut-out for Minolta is better =).

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    Siti is already rich. Telekom doesn’t need to make her richer. Ironic that she’s promo-ing cameras these days when she’s already overexposed (yes, pun intended!)

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