Something struck me as I was reading Spoonfork’s entry
about blogging being so passe. Almost everyone and their kitchen sink
is into blogging these days. Some make a good read and there are
some that just make you wanna tear your hair out reading ’em. Anyways,
I reckon this site has been somewhat neglected over the past couple
of weeks and I admit I’ve been throwing in content without putting
much thought into it. Can’t help it really. I know there has been plenty
to talk about, e.g. the recent major flood in KL, VCD crackdown, my
beef with motorcyclists, some people’s birthdays, my insomnia, etc. etc.
I just didn’t feel like writing of late. And you can kinda see the trend
too. One month, you can see me write almost every other day or even
every day. But some, like this month, can be very dry (as if the content
of this website isn’t dry enough already! :P). While I don’t expect it, I
*do* appreciate people swinging by to see what mischief I’m up to! I
just took stock of the hits on this website and yes, there is an upward
trend somewhat (many thanks to those who graciously linked my site
from theirs!). Hmm. I’m not sure if that’ll motivate me to write now. As
I said before, this is just another channel of expression for me and it’s
for my own “syok”.

There is something that caters for an audience nonetheless. Had a rather
successful webcast going on over the weekend for the lack of better
thing to do. CybersoniqueFM is where it’s at. Here’s the playlist
used. A bit of a mix of everything in there. The party was over an IRC
chatroom, MSN, Yahoo!, ICQ, AIM and was heard by some 30 people
here in Malaysia, Singapore, USA and the UK. Winamp
(and some of its plugins), Shoutcast
and Windows Media 9
were extensively used. Still undergoing some testing. Once I can find a
good relaying server, perhaps it might just be a regular thing.

Btw, watch this space August 27, 2003! ;)