Nurburgring F1 Excitement

Been a while since we had a pretty exciting Formula One race of late.
The qualifying round yesterday was already exciting with the top 4
finishes qualified within a timeframe of 0.96 seconds. It doesn’t get
any closer than that! Today’s race was just as exhilirating. Kimi Raikkonen
(Mclaren Mercedes) had to retire when he was in the lead due to engine
blow up and Michael Schumacher’s (Ferarri) close brush with Juan Pablo
Montoya (BMW Williams) left the former stranded at a rather perilous
corner and got some shoving by the race marshalls to put him back
into the race (that’s still to be decided of its legitimacy since no drivers
are supposed to receive any outside assistance during the course of a
race). David Coulthard (Mclaren Mercedes) had a nasty surprise in the
form of Fernando Alonso’s (Renault) early braking maneuvre which
left David thrown out of contention in the late stages of the race. Ralf
Schumacher (BMW Williams) took the chequered flag and was followed
by teammate Juan Pablo Montoya and Reubens Barrichello (Ferarri) for
second and third places respectively.

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  1. lyna

    hell yeah yesterday’s race was exciting. perasan tak that the Nurburgring track is similar to our own Sepang track? same designer yang buat kan? anyways i agree with u, Michael shud actually be out of the race since he had some outside help in the race, which is NOT allowed. yet, he can still continue with the race. The Ferrari’s kalau buat ape2 kan, sure lepas dari FIA. soooo pilih kasih betul FIA ni lah. and im pretty sure Alonso will get back-fired by Davis. tapi kesian kat alonso cuz he’s only a ‘minor’…nonetheless, Alonso’s driving was dangerous, braking to early at the corner. nasib baik DC ok. well anyways, i hope MS’s 5th place will NOT be counted.

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