Unpredictable Women

like that caption on that Phuturecam screencapture (taken off the
TV show Scrubs
— the caption translates to “The most interesting thing about women is
that they’re unpredictable” for all you non-Malay speaking people).
First, they’re hard to understand
and now they’re unpredictable. Interesting combination indeed! Despite
all that, as once said by DJ Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince
in Girls Ain’t Nothing But Trouble:
“Can’t live with ’em, can’t live without ’em!” ;)


  1. lyna

    oit! we are VERY predictable if U GUYS understand us women more, like how we try to understand u guys! and we ALWAYS understand u lot! so basically, it’s a win-win situation :p

  2. Bart

    I always want to understand you better Lyna, but cintaku tak berbalas… sob… sob…

  3. dJ phuturecybersonique

    oi bart! nak penuhkan kuota kau cepat2 ke? satu2 dulu dude!

  4. binnie

    kuota mu dah penuh redz.

  5. dJ phuturecybersonique

    eh… since when laa? btw bart, lyna punya kuota satu je. tu pun dah penuh. :P

  6. Bart

    Apa salahnya berfikiran jauh… Dr M menyuruh kita selalu menganjak pardigma…

  7. osman

    Eh, .. u people…. quota satu pun susah nak dipenuhkan… apatah lagi nak anjak pardigma…. by the way… is binnie = zinnie = idreamofzinnie??

  8. lyna

    redz, i thot ur quota is NOT filled in yet?!? liar2 pants on fire. and bart, awww…so sweet :p

  9. dJ phuturecybersonique

    lyna: kuota 4 memang lah tak penuh lagi! satu2 dulu! hehehe! so i’m not lying there! ;) btw, bart: lyna punya paradigma boleh ke dianjak? :P and seme: no, binnie != zinnie

  10. lyna

    tu lah lelaki, tak cukup 1, nak 2. tak cukup 2, nak 3, tak cukup 3, nak 4. bile tak cukup 4, tu dah lain citer :p and uhm…juz a note to all u boys, a lotta gurls are NOT willing to share! :p nyeahaha.

  11. dJ phuturecybersonique

    tak cukup 4, start buat rotation! bwahahahahaa!

  12. Bart

    Lyna… remind me of an old song by Aman Shah… or, you probably too young to remember that… Zinnie, I bet you know this number? Adikku Panda menari?

    p/s: I actually watched the first 45 mins of Adik Manja on Astro Ria last night… huh, how people change…

  13. dJ phuturecybersonique

    didnt know aman shah sang about a panda, bart…

  14. lyna

    who da heck is aman shah?!?…nyeahaha. that goes to show i’m younger than u lot in here!!! aiya, kan dah ‘ter’kantoi :p

  15. Bart

    Lyna… bukan tua… we are the more matured crowd. Experience is critical. Practice makes perfect.

  16. lyna

    ye laaaaaaaaaaah…. :p

  17. dJ phuturecybersonique

    bart very experienced… a lot of practice sehhh… with whom/what dunno-lah though…

  18. binnie

    eh tipulah, i’m youngest? btw, me no zinnie, me cerai talak empat.

  19. dJ phuturecybersonique

    kahwin through irc… cerai through sms… :P

  20. idreamofzinnie=zinnie

    Lyna, why not 4. boleh delegate kerja. sorang rumah, sorang kain, sorang masak, sorang buat casa impian. kan senang. tiba-tiba teringat – love is not to give or to take , it is to SHARE. kalau boleh share 4 cinta. he he Syurga.

  21. lyna

    larat ke korang2 ni nak layan sampai empaaaaaaaaaaaaat??! :p nanti kalau jadi cat-fights between the 4 camne? korang jugak yg susah nanti sebab nanti empat2 sekali lari balik kampung. *lol* sape nak jage makan minum baju u all?? hehe…and yeah i’m stressing again dat zaman sekarang ni there are no gurls who are willing to share!! nyeahaha.

  22. idreamofzinnie

    Lyna, What if you were given the right to be with 4 men :-)? I am not playing Bruce al-Mighty or being Ning Baizura… will you hold your stand or will you take the road less travelled . he he

  23. lyna

    even if i were given the right to be with 4 men (which is likely to happen, at all) i would still be with juz one simply because it hurts to be ‘sharing’. would u be willing to divide ur heart into 4? and uhmm…GOD! 4 men 1 women?!? yikes.

  24. Bart

    Lyna, if it’s Ning Baizura… hey, why not! Just hope I dont get quoted in FHM…

  25. idreamofzinnie

    Well Lyna, your truely yours’ has found his pair of shoes – meaning YOU :-)

  26. lyna

    bart – NB is a diff story altogether. err…did she mention u in her thingy? *lol* idreamofzinnie – yeah i suppose ;) oit redz! where r u?? are’nt u gonna comment anything?! and speaking about comments, this post has waaaaay to much comments now, basically by d same person :p

  27. Bart

    DJ Phutu*#@!$#$%, (tak tau nak spell)…. Lyna ni budak Purdue ke?

  28. Anonymous

    Nope… don’t believe Lyna is a boilermaker… could be wrong though….

    4 wifes I can imagine… 4 sets of in-laws.. NO WAY!! That’s why the trend today is serial monogamy…. its not due to the number of gals ..but the extra baggage that comes with it.

  29. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i had something in mind to say but i had a brainfart and it has thus gone with the wind… :P

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