He Sez, She Sez

had someone forward her a poem about guys
to counter the one I had about girls!

Listening to: V.E. – Ayu


  1. lyna

    nyeahahahahahahahahahahaha! *evilest grin*

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    I think I’ll leave this conversation thread to the “Dua Teruna dan Seorang Gadis”, namely Bart, Lyna and Zin :P

  3. Bart

    Correction. I’m a jejaka. Teruna sounds so … outlandish! Hahaha…
    We’ll see if this one can create more than 29 replies in a thread…

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i just realized that the last thread got siderailed into a “quota” discussion…

  5. lyna


  6. idreamofzinnie

    yeah.. its true lyna men are hard to be pleased …. tell me about them :-)

  7. lyna

    yes, VERY hard to please and here u are (GUYS) practically complaining about us ladies being this n that :p

  8. Bart

    Lyna – I have never complained about you…

  9. lyna

    bart – did i mention u? :p

  10. Bart

    So, Lyna… I suppose I’m in your good book, heh…?

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