It’s certainly been a while since I last did any CD review, let alone buy
any CDs for that matter. The last time I bought some was back in
December when I was still assigned to work across the Causeway.
Contrary to what people think, Tower Records here doesn’t really have
an extensive selection of CDs available on their racks like their
counterpart or HMV down in Singapore.

Anyways, what better way to spend a laidback and lazy Sunday
afternoon listening to the two CDs I bought last weekend. One of the
CDs was This Is Who I Am
by Heather Headley.
I first heard her over Channel [V]
with her track “I Wish I Wasn’t”, which is one of the highlights of the CD.
Although this album is made up of mostly ballady R&B stuff, you might
be surprised to learn that she was a singer for the Broadway musical
The Lion King and Aida. The Broadway
influence could be heard on the final ballad track on the CD “If It
Wasn’t For Your Love”. Although nowhere close as Lauryn Hill, it’s still
an excellent debut effort from a promising artist.

The second CD is the soundtrack
from the TV show Providence,
which hasn’t made it to any of our local TV stations just yet. Although
not as varied as the Gilmore Girls soundtrack,
it still manages to hold on its own with tracks like the remake of The
Beatles’ “In My Life” sung by Shawn Colvin and Chantel Kreviazuk,
“Linger” by Jonatha Brooke, and “What Do You Hear In These Sounds”
by Dar Williams. With the exception of Andrea Bocelli’s “Con Te Partiro”,
the soundtrack is made up of guitar pop songs that makes a good
accompaniment to go on those roadtrips.

Both albums are being featured on CybersoniqueFM.
Now, if only I can get hold of Alice Peacock‘s
self titled sophomore CD and the soundtrack from Scrubs