Malaysia celebrates its 46th year of independence today. As usual, it’s
celebrated with much pomp and splendor by people from all walks of
life all over the country. With all the years of independence behind us,
one would naturally be inclined to think that we have progressed and
moved forward in terms of inner development in tandem with whatever
things that are visible on the outside. So is it really?

I hate to be a wet blanket on a joyous day like this but if one were to
look at it, a lot of the things that we have are merely empty shells that
look pretty on the outside. We seem to revel in things that are
symbolic rather than those of substance. The sadder part is that it’s
those symbolic things that get the accolades and recognition. Sure it is
all done in the spirit of Malaysia Boleh,
but is it something that we want the world to know us as? Wouldn’t it be
better and more meaningful to strive for excellence in terms of having
the best and being the best in the world instead of making the
biggest/longest this and that all around? How about making our country
to be an even better place to live in for the benefit of all its citizens? I
think that would make a better patriotic endeavor. We still have a long
way to go as far as our mentality is concerned in my opinion. It is my
wish on Malaysia’s 46th National Day to see its citizens strive for that in
the name of betterment for the country instead of pursuing dubious
recognition. Read up Royal Professor Ungku Aziz‘s
interview with Mingguan Malaysia
today as well as his thoughts on
Malay mentality.

Reflections aside, I’m pleased with how the new version of our national
anthem has turned out to be. Certainly better than the march version
before this which I personally thought was a joke. Datuk Wah Idris
certainly did a good job
in giving Negaraku
the grace and dignity it deserves. Let’s hope that there won’t be any
more fickle minded high ranking government officers who’d have itchy
ambitions to go changing it again in the future.

Anyhow, bad or good, I’m still proud to be her citizen. Happy Merdeka,

Listening to: Hazami – Tekad