Moving With Hazard Lights = Hazard

There’s a reason why hazard lights are meant to be turned on only
when the car is stationary. Other drivers can’t tell if you’re going to
turn left or right when the car is moving with the hazard lights on. It’s
simple common sense isn’t it? Yet, countless Malaysian drivers have
this habit of turning on the hazard lights when it rains heavily. Can’t
they just simply turn the headlights on? As Dinesh
puts it, Malaysians can’t drive for nuts.


  1. lyna

    oh so truuuueeeeeee…!!

  2. Bartholomew

    Bloody Malaysian drivers. I couldnt agree more, those with their hazard lights on esp during the current rainy seasons are morons!

  3. osmansany

    ya betull… and damn those that changed their headlights to neon lights and re-adjust them higher. U only make the car infront of u blind!!!

  4. lyna

    neon lights tu, lampu yg putih tu ke…?

  5. idreamofzinnie

    Lightcraft ada jual lampu neon ke?

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