What Gives?

Tens of thousands throng theatres all over to watch
Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King.
Yours truly braved it alone through the longs lines at a cinema
to catch the earliest possible show with an available seat for
one. For some reason, single seats are only available at the
back row corner in all showings for the day. But I noticed that
the center seats at the back row were empty when the show
started. What gives?

Was thinking to get me a book (or two) at a bookstore too.
But since they’re priced rather steep, I wanted to have a quick
glance on the inside to make sure it’s gonna be worth parting
my money for. Asked one of the shop attendants whether they
could help me take the book out of the shrink wrap to which
they (fortunately) politely say they can’t. Funny. I thought
we’re taught not to judge a book by its cover. What gives?

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  1. Albert Ng

    Like I said before here, second paragraph:


    Teehee. My LOTR is with Rocket Queen wherever the heck she is.

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