Living With Mediocrity

I think we’ve all somewhat grown accustomed to accept mediocrity
as part of our lives in this country. Whenever complaints are
made about bad or poor service, there would be some voices who
will say “Y’know, you should be thankful that you even have
so-and-so ‘cos some people in other place have been living
without so-and-so all their lives.” Thankful, yes — not as a
benchmark! You can’t (and shouldn’t) use that as a yardstick for
comparison ‘cos if you do, it’ll just lead to complacency! While
we may have those so-and-so, there are other people on the face
of this planet who are already the best in so-and-so. Can’t
for once be applied in terms of being the best instead of having
the typical biggest, longest, tallest, etc. etc.?


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