Don’t Look With Just One Eye

Couple of weeks ago, Mingguan Malaysia (Utusan Malaysia’s weekend edition) in its entertainment news section ran a stinging write-up accusing Edry (of KRU) of mangling Bahasa Melayu for use of supposed non-existent words and colloquials in the lyrics of Anita Sarawak’s single ‘Seksis
(watch/download the music video – Windows Media only). The song was subsequently banned from the being aired on RTM (Heh! Does it matter anymore with the majority tuning in to Era.FM, where the song is topping the chart, nowadays?). Edry’s not one to keep quiet over the issue and has thus responded (with eloquence and tact too I’d say) with his take on the definition of the song ‘Seksis’.

More often than not, I find Utusan’s entertainment editorials have been barking up the wrong tree or making a mountain out of a molehill. They oughtta just stick with providing artists’ gossips (i.e. who’s hooking/breaking up with whom, who just came back from umrah, etc. etc.) ‘cos they seem to be good at that really. If they’re really intent on stopping the mangling of Bahasa Melayu, get Dewan Bahasa to stop blindly adopting English words into Bahasa Melayu’s vocabulary. Fix the root cause (Dewan Bahasa), not the symptom (Edry).


  1. Edrei

    Well…I know for sure I can mangle up ANY BM vocabulary out there. It was never my strongest suite and never will be. Hey who knows…maybe they will find a way to put the blame on people like me…:P

  2. seksis

    Kekadang kita memerlukan sedikit kontroversi ( eminem or in BM eminami )

  3. Bartholomew

    Kalau Seksis tu ‘haram’, what about… 1) Hi-hi, Bye-bye 2) Tragedi buah Epal (two words originatinf from English) 3) OAG’s Nowwhy2 4) Ella’s Simbiosis and etc… (sorry, my examples are mostly current numbers. Suffering from short-term memory span syndrome).

    Apa kejadahnya RTM?

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