How To (Accidentally) Renovate Someone Else’s Apartment

Well, I don’t know how but it happened anyways. Thing is, it was
my recently completed apartment
that got the accidental renovation treatment. And it was no surprise
Casa Impian
job either (as is obvious by the green colored tiles for the
apartment’s entrance and balcony). A contractor was supposed to
renovate someone else’s apartment on the same floor as mine but
he mistakenly renovated my apartment instead. He found this out
when he got the owner of the other apartment to inspect the
apartment after completing the renovation. Somehow,
accidentally turning my hair purple
doesn’t sound as silly as it did before.


  1. KL Konfidential

    This has got to be by far the most hilarious thing I have heard this month. You poor soul!

  2. LeiF

    wahahahha. so how lah my fren? did they trash it or just let it be? take some pics lah. gosh. lmao!

  3. idreamofzinnie


  4. Chibster

    LOL. Green of all colours… So how meh??

  5. Bartholomew

    Apa bodoh contractor tu ke tak tau baca nombor?

  6. nur

    alahai… takkan kena bayar jugak kot? Their fault la!

  7. EnvironmentFriendly

    you don’t have to get any green plants for your house. they are just out your doorstep… if you ever feel needy of one.. hahahha…

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