How To (Accidentally) Renovate Someone Else’s Apartment II

Well, what’s done is done. Some of the stuff that were
(accidentally) done were stuff that I wanted to do anyways (e.g.
grilles, lights, fans, floor polish, additional lighting points).
I asked around prior to this about the cost to do up the
apartment like that and the ballpark figure given was around
RM4500-5000. So just to be fair to the contractor, I paid him
slightly over half of what he wanted. At least it will cover
some of the material cost for him (with the exception of the
green tiles) and definitely much better than having to tear
down the stuff that he had done. I reckon the sight of the
green tiles would make a good conversation item when people
come round to visit.

Read the earlier posting of How To (Accidentally) Renovate Someone Else’s Apartment
if you wanna know what happened.


  1. tasia

    hehe so lucu one.. how do u like it so far?

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    can lorrr. it’s all only functional right now. besides, it’s gonna be only me, myself and i staying there. unless any kind souls out there willing to spruce up the deco. otherwise, it’ll be a veeerrryyy slow process getting it there… :P

  3. Bartholomew

    Send some pixs dude… am really looking forward to see your green tiles…

  4. nur

    green eyes! ;)

  5. GreenColour

    Green eh? Green is nice to the eyes

  6. GreenEyes

    Green Color? Good. Compatible with ‘Green Eyes’ by Coldplay

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