Remix/Remake In Progress

Two songs:

  • Hey Ya by Outkast (featuring Kelab Pemain Kompang Walimatul Urus)
  • Ishhh Isshhh (dangdut version of Holly Valance’s Kiss Kiss to be sung by Mas Idayu or Ella)

No, you won’t get to hear it.


  1. tasia


  2. graceshu

    Look for the outkast videos

  3. graceshu

    FEB. VIDEO: OUTKAST’s “Hey Ya!” feat. William Hung!

    “The William Hung Outkast Audition Video” by MoreMoosetracks

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    tasia: sakit telinga/geli gelaman nanti kalau dengar. :P

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