Those Idiotic, Inconsiderate, Numbnutted Nitwits

There are just too many idiotic, inconsiderate, numbnutted
nitwits out there going about doing things without even the
slightest hint in the world on how their actions affect other
people around them. How would your family being passengers in
your car were to react if I were to recklessly overtake your
vehicle by squeezing in at an impossible angle between two lanes
on the highway? How would you feel if I were to come around
disposing my waste in the corridor of your home? What if I were
to swing by your house and relief myself by spraying all over the
toilet and just leave without even bothering to flush? Would you
mind if I were to cut queue right in front of you just as you’re
about to reach the counter after spending a long time queueing?
There are times when I feel like retaliating by doing the same.
After all, do unto others what others have done unto you. Then
again, why even bother. I’d be no different than those idiotic,
inconsiderate numbnutted, nitwits themselves if I were to do so.


  1. llah

    yuk! too many sick ppl outthere!!

  2. Rudy

    incidents @ toll booths whereby drivers tend to make drastic last minute lane changes must be put to a stop…almost hit an elderly aunty when she decided to swing in my lane without having the courtesy to signal first (mebbe signals dont work on beamers in the morning, ya?)

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