Re-Introducing Cybersonique!FM

Back in July last year, I did a bit of an experiment in
webcasting that was CybersoniqueFM.
While it was considered quite a success (at least by my own
yardstick), it was only limited to Windows users who had
Windows Media Player installed thus effectively shutting out
non-Windows and also non-Windows Media Player users. I have
rectified that now and am reintroducing a more universal version
of Cybersonique!FM that is non-player
and non-OS specific. The only requirement is that if you’re
behind a firewall, it needs to have port 8000 open. It currently
features some electronica and hiphop/r&b mixes by yours truly at
the moment. Feel free to try it out and lemme know how it sounds
on your end. I can’t guarantee if the stuff bleeds your ears
though. Here’s the link to Cybersonique!FM.


  1. nur

    baru ok balik!

  2. Pok Ku

    Keep on rocking!

  3. Rudy M

    er, any 80s mix on the way, dude?

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