I, Too, Have Tips For Firefox And Gmail Users

Got a wild hair up your butt to try out something on the
bleeding edge in everyone’s flavor of the month web browser and
web mail service?

  • In Mozilla Firefox 1.0,
    type about:config in the URL textbox and set
    browser.tabs.showSingleWindowModePrefs to
    True. Now go look in
    Tools -> Options -> Advanced. A new option
    that says “Force links that open new windows…” should appear
    that will enable you to force new windows to open in
    new tabs (duh) instead.
  • You can check for new mails that come into your
    account via Atom feeds. To do that, you’ll need to have a
    newsfeed reader that supports Atom and then add the feed to
    your mailbox using this link:
    http://gmailusername:[email protected]/gmail/feed/atom/.
    Substitute the gmailusername and password
    accordingly (duh).

Remember, it’s all experimental. Please point your
weapons of mass destruction
someplace else if it doesn’t really yank that wild hair out of
your butt as claimed.


  1. CH

    Nice tip. There is a Gmail notifier extension for Firefox too!

  2. LcF

    nice tips! I use singlewindow and gmail notifier though.

  3. nb

    Gmail Notifier rawks.

  4. Pok Ku

    Thanks. I am using Firefox too.

  5. nur

    I’m using Avantbrowser.. laju lagi dari firefox..

    so how?

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