Opening the package of the newly purchased 40GB Apple iPod
was certainly an orgasmic experience. Merely holding the box
package in my hands already made me squirt a little. I think I
ejaculated a bit when I opened the box and took the wrappers off
the earbuds, firewire/usb cables, power adapter and the docking
bay. As you might have guessed, by the time I got my hands on the
iPod itself, I had myself totally creamed.

And you wonder why this geek is sans girlfriend sometimes.


  1. Bartholomew

    Eek… gi mandi wajib.

  2. Rudy Mahli

    fuh! early X’mas present ya? Enjoy yer nu toy, bro!

  3. Rina

    ekk.. dapat ipod pun boleh orgasm??

  4. osmansany

    Use protection ok… dont want unneccessary damage… use i-skin. ‘Stuff’ Magazine featured some more accessories for the i-pod… way cool stuff. ;P

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