The Year In Two Paragraphs

The first half of the year saw me having
a couple of pebbles in the garden hose,
someone accidentally renovated my apartment,
I then eventually moved out from my parents crib
and into my own pad.

In the second half of it, I had
some more pebbles in the garden hose,
Afdlin Shauki sat on me,
AF2 fans flocking for a preview of Kau Kembali,
I got infected with bacterial pneumonia
and finally orgasmed over my iPod.

So see ya, 2004! Oh wait,
I won’t see it again, will I?


  1. nong

    Happy New Year!!!!!

  2. Pok Ku

    Happy new year! May the pebble get lost soon.

  3. maman

    happy y2k5.

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