Pokku’s Nasi Dagang Party

nasi dagang party was certainly an interesting Saturday night
affair. Just like at the gathering organized by Peter Tan
the other day, I get to tie more faces to URLs (you have no
idea how weird it is having to introduce your website’s URL
after your name) like Pak Adib,
Amir and
Mack “Daddy” Zulkifli
as well as Pokku’s daughters Elida
and Elisa
among others. Jordan
and wife Leen were also there. I even got toothpaste from

Now, Pokku has always been talking about his false teeth for
as long as I could remember from the days I was in his
Commodore Users Exchange
group in the mid 80s and all of us developed a liking for it.
So much so that it made the cover of our magazine in one of
the issues! Since there was a dentist in our midst and I was
already conviniently armed with a tube of toothpaste, I thought
I could re-live those days by giving his detachable gnashers
some good cleaning (The Coffee Hut at Rasta TTDI is a carwash
by day so I’m sure there’s plenty of cleaning apparatus around
to get rid of the toughest stains) but sadly the dribbly
dentures were nowhere to be seen last night. That’s probably
why the delicious keropok lekor we had were very easy on
the jaws.

I hear that there’s a Nasi Kandar party
going on up north today, but I’m looking forward more to that
certain “Nasi Minyak Party” (not mine… yet) in a few months’

Update (Jan 31 @ 2030 hours):
has pictures of the party


  1. Mack

    Someone is up early on a Sunday. LOL.

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    i’m a “sleep late and wake up early” person, mack dude! ;)

  3. Elene

    dropping by to say HI =P

  4. dJ phuturecybersonique

    heya elene! nice meeting you at the party!

  5. bibi

    Are you referring to my wedding??? You can count on being invited.

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