Grocery Therapy

Besides laughing in the face of issues
that I (insert awkward pause) face, I sometimes employ a form of
shopping therapy to deal with it. Grocery shopping that is.
While some other wussies cry from the soul,
for me, nothing beats stepping into the grocery store, going
through the aisles and knocking yourself out filling the cart
with foodstuff that can make the
Nourishment Storage Server
worthy to be put in those promotional brochures or refridgerator
ads. Of course, being one who can only consume so much within
the period before they expire, I end up having that Nourishment
Storage Server still looking like in those brochures or ads,
even months after. In my attempt to suppress guilt over the
possible wastage by consuming as much as I can, I end up having
to deal with very watery bowel movements after that (we’ll leave
the bit on Toilet Therapy in some other posting).

And you wonder why people with issues sometimes call in sick
claiming they have stomach aches.

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  1. bibi

    Well, I guess I must’ve had major issues when I was admitted due to food poisoning.

    Arent you gonna blog about that ‘ustaz’?

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