Another 8,760 Hours Older

I turned another 365.25 days older over the weekend, which means
it’s been approximately 262,980 hours since the day I got
expelled from my mom’s womb. If you think I’m overcompensating
with these numbers, it’s because people (usually the women) often
undercompensate (or attempt to) when it comes to these things.
Come to think of it, my existence actually began some 250-275
days earlier when two haploid cells from a certain husband and
wife couple merged to become a single diploid cell. Who would
have thought then that the zygote would eventually be capable of
providing seemingly endless hours of geeky weirdness till today.
I’m pretty sure my parents didn’t think of that when they got
horny that fateful night some 11,200 days ago.


  1. su

    happy belated burpday!!

  2. bibi

    I’ve never met a yoda who could count… :-))))

  3. wonderwoman

    how do u know it’s a fateful NIGHT ?? it could be during the day

  4. lina

    happy belated birthday!

  5. zeph

    happy belated birthday!

  6. Chibster

    lol…. happy belated birthday bro…

  7. Albert Ng

    Happy belated birthday! Dude! Can you record the Japanese Girl Streamyx ad? I haven’t got to see it (but I have a bootleg here: Yes we’ve met her how cool is that?

  8. Peter

    Haploids and zygotes… you sound like you are a scientific experiment gone wrong.

  9. nong

    weyyyyyyy!!! how come i missed this??? HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY!!! Dang, shud have read this before we met last fri..tsk..tsk..tsk…

  10. nur

    if i knew it earlier.. dah awal2 claim… anyway.. happy belated birthday!

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