Lookin’ Fer Lurve?

Just in case if that upcoming local reality TV show
Mencari Cinta doesn’t cut it for you overdue bachelors (or bachelorettes) out there, there’s always Abang Best:

Via Laydiefa.
Source unknown.


  1. bibi

    You’re not that desperate are you? If you want us to introduce you to chics just say so.

  2. Rudy Mahli

    dude, Cina Buta category missing lah ;)

  3. Klez

    cina buta for talak tiga ler..

  4. Afiq

    KDK….. Pak sanggup pun ada.

  5. sue

    eh..isn’t that ur phone number?hehe ;)

  6. zin

    Que sera sera …

  7. Anonymous

    Hehehe… Hehehe.. Hehehe… Adeih.. eh.. betullah.. that is yr phone number. same as printed in yr business card! LoL

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