Don’t Phunk With My Heart

See that picture above? As the Backstreet Boys put it, that’s the Shape Of My Heart at the moment. I’ve been having these chest pains that came and went for the last couple of weeks. But of late, it was beginning to get as annoying as Billy Ray Cyrus’ Achy Breaky Heart that didn’t look like it was going to go away soon. It was then that I was refered to the cardiologist to whom I asked Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad like Moby’s. It was as if Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart like how Marc Almond & Gene Pitney put it. The blood test already yielded a positive result and so did the stress test. It wasn’t looking too good at that point that he admitted me into the hospital to do a coronary angiography. It was like checking in to A Room At The Heartbreak Hotel of U2’s. That’s how the picture above came about. It showed nothing seriously wrong with it that would require a surgeon to Un-break My Heart like Toni Braxton did. “My Heart Will Go On fine like Celine Dion’s” declared the cardiologist. At that point, I felt extreme Deee-lite as if Groove Is In The Heart. The doctor then told me to Take Good Care Of My Heart like Jermaine Jackson and Whitney Houston do. “Otherwise, How Can You Mend A Broken Heart like Al Green’s”, he said. “Any worser, it might end up in Nirvana’s Heart Shaped Box. Ramlah Ram will then claim Kau Kunci Cinta Ku Di Dalam Hati Mu. That’s even more annoying than Billy Ray Cyrus and you don’t want that, do you?”


  1. laydiefa

    My oh my.. the wonders of medical technology.. its shows Total Eclipse of the Heart (Bonnie Tyler).

  2. Nina

    For whatever ‘things’ that happened to your heart, take a good care of yourself yah? A very good care one!

  3. Lizzam

    now, that’s a new literal meaning for NowSeeHeart…

  4. zin

    sugguh lega mendapat tahu kamu masih sihat. terimalah lagu “Hati-hati di Jalan raya” dari penerbitan filem negara. Berhati berhati di Jalan raya :-)

  5. pyerudz

    john constantine’s was much worse than yours i believe.

  6. princessren

    take more good rest my friend. go for a holiday.

  7. LiZA

    Reason is the slow and tortuous method by which these who do not know the truth discover it. The heart has its own reason which reason does not know… Blaise Pascal

  8. Lynn

    I think you should now go up to the mountains and belt out “Where does my heart beat nowwwwww….” a-la Celine Dion

  9. Silencers

    Poyo gila. What happened la, actually?

  10. dJ phuturecybersonique

    I would like to say “Thank You” From The Bottom Of My Heart like The Wallflowers did to all you well-wishers out there for your concern over my well-being. I oughtta be okay for now. I just need to keep an extra eye on Si Jantung Hati like Ade Putra does on Maya Sopha.

  11. Bartholomew

    Soalan direct – ko sakit jantung ke?

  12. Arief2kl

    Soalan direct lagi i guess..kau mcm nak kena hard attack ker?

    maybe stress kot…yola…sekarang semua dlm negara nie stress….emmmmm…..baik kauholiday jer kat PD atau Genting……

    u push urself 2 hard kot..tapi kalau tak push aper makna hidup nie kan….life is a struggle itself…….

    take care….my wonder friend…hahahahaah

  13. nong

    aku pon kena camtuh tadi pagi.
    Sampai i takde mood langsung tuk pergi kerja hari nih

    ok i pergi dulu…
    nak jumpa doktor tua tuh lagi :)

  14. cikmekmolek

    you kena heart attack ker or mild stroke? take a good rest! don’t work so hard. go for a holiday.

  15. asfa

    wooohoooo…. u too?? aler hai jgn la enough of ill heart’ed ppl oredy… huhuhuh lom memanja gk ngan u heheheheh

  16. Sas

    lol. this is a work of genius lah. hahahah. lol.

  17. noni nik

    Iwan!WHAt happened to you? I hope you ok sekarang.

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