Year Is T Plus Thirty One

I foresee that I’ll be getting a lot of the above in the days coming now that as of this very minute (1917 hours) on this day, I’m officially into the third decade of my life already. Rest assured, friends and fellow fanatics, it’s in the 9th Malaysia Plan.

Anyhow, I’d like to take this opportunity today to thank my parents, whose reproductive organs were essential to my existence and whose level of patience to raise yours truly as the geek he has become today is, on hindsight, quite confounding.

Note: Image above was stolen lifted off Batdude’s former website once upon a time. I was hoping back then that I would not have to use it when the time comes.


  1. nur

    err.. ur birthday ke ni? hehe..

  2. Lizzam

    Erm, 4 posts back to back about weddings?hinting something? and erm, happy bithday dude.

    btw, don’t be a 40 Year Old Virgin, udah le…

  3. zin

    Being single is a sure ticket to loneliness.

  4. mars11

    Those remark would be the most frequent comment to single people. Usually when…
    1)someone you know or your friends get married/engaged.
    2)if it’s your birthday and you’re still single…
    3)friends or relatives who just had a baby…

    As far as I know, lots of single people out there who gets this from time to time….okay, at least until he/she finally found that someone. After that, there’ll be other types of questions to drill into your head. Whatever it is, buat bodo je lah….! Anyways, happy birthday to you and hope you’ll find that special someone soon.

  5. Razi

    Lizzam…are u sure DJ still a virgin?? Keh keh keh

    Btw, happy birthday bro. May Cupid’s arrow found ur bottom soon.

  6. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hmmm. any female volunteers out there wanna help verify that? preferably before i hit 40 please?

  7. Zahidi Deebers

    Happy Belated Birthday : )
    Suka tengok image tu …& kata2nya tajam menikam … especially to me … he he he

  8. Rudy

    Happy birthday, dude! Don’t worry about being single ;) Alas, being single does not equal to being lonely. You should know dat by now :D

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