A Puteri’s Wedding

Our neighbor and Mama's good friend Auntie Salimah got herself another son-in-law and her family extended manifold in one go when her celebrity daughter (no points for guessing who she is) got hitched this morning in a brief engagement followed by a wedding ceremony attended by close relatives and friends of both families as well as the hoard of people from the media. So congratulations are in order to the newlyweds, Nora and Rizal (now Toh Puan and Toh Muda respectively). I'm sure news of their taking themselves out of the singles market will be splashed all over the media tomorrow, this weekend and next month's issue of URTV, Hai!, Media Hiburan, etc. etc. (bar Siti Nurhaliza does some upstaging of sorts if she decides to do the same this week). Anyhow, I'm happy for the couple and I sure am also glad that nobody threw me out for being the odd one going around taking pictures using a camera phone during the event.


  1. Arief2kl.blogspot.com

    hahaa..bila u pulak nak kawen..nikah….hahaa..muka bole tahan….cepat aaa..n..ajakla aku hahhahahahah

  2. azura

    she’s so pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. nino

    Oh MY!!!! tak sangka pulak Nora Danish tu anak Auntie Salimah!! Anak aku peminat setia tu!!

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