The weekend started out on Friday night with me out grocery
shopping. That’s right. Me doing groceries. And for once, I
decided to iron all my clothes by the load that night too
instead of ironing them just in time before I need to wear
them. All this on a Friday night. Made me feel saucy all over.
You might wonder brought me to this. It’s because none of the
terrestrial TV stations carried any of those World Cup matches
live that night.

That streak didn’t end there. Saturday morning right after I
went for my morning run, I cleaned up my place. That’s right. I
fired up the vacuum cleaner and I was every dust particles’
worst enemy that morning. Muahahahaha! I felt all powerful then!
Nothing could bring me down! Made me feel sexy too. I was the
epitome of male bachelorhood.

And then it happened. I decided to rip the tracks from a
couple of new CDs I bought. I realized that I only have 6GB
left in that 40GB iPod of mine.
Nooooo! How could that be! 40GB is supposed to be a lot! It
should last a lot longer! There’s only 6911 tracks in 400
albums on it so far!

My life looks bleak now.