We’re already halfway through the first month in the new year.
Happy 2007 anyways! And it couldn’t have started any worser for
me. I have to admit. A little bit of the Internet Withdrawal
Syndrome did get to me. Not only can’t I access stuff on the
other side of the planet, I can’t even get my home DSL
connection to work properly to access the local stuff. This
definitely was a major issue for me since I’ve been accustomed
to doing stuff like settling my bills, ordering pizza,
etc. without having to haul ass beyond the confines of my seat.
Thus, I resorted to the oldschool method of writing checks,
only to realize that I’ve dated them all 2006 after I’ve sealed
them up in their envelopes.

So as much as resolutions are as useful as paying tolls for
the already congested highways in the Klang Valley, I will make
relearning all those things as one of the things that I need to
do this year. That’s right. I’m going back to basics. Me, a
geek going low-tech by doing no-tech. Who knows, in case we
have sharks chomping on those undersea cables and wreak havoc
on Internet addicts dependants all over again
in the near future, I’ll be all prepared. That should get some
girls giddy already, right?