The Year’s Resolution Creation, Revelation And Achievement

The weekend was a long one for me so I made use of it to clear
up the clutter in my room at the parental unit’s abode. Little
did I know this early spring cleaning exercise will help me
create and achieve resolutions of sorts at the same time. For
one, the desk is finally usable again after having rid of
statements and bills that have passed their retention period.
With that load of junk out of the way, it finally happened.
For the first time in my life, I actually managed to balance
my checkbook. Being someone who struggled with accounting
concepts in college and loathed all things financial (despite
my majoring in management), it was like unlocking one of the
great mysteries of the universe. It was a big deal for me. Then
one thing led to another, I ended up with a very realistic and
doable budget for the year that won’t make me break into a
sweating spree from having to pay
Uncle Samy’s chetty houses,
the never decreasing petrol prices,
the beloved Income Revenue Board
and still be able to enjoy some indulgences from time to time
along the way. In other words, it all makes perfect sen-se
now (cue rimshot). So, with that resolution out of the way,
what else do I need to do now to establish that long term
relationship with a member of the opposite sex?


  1. christina

    maybe you should figure out which part of
    your room is the south west corner and put a
    pair of huge pink peonies there, or perhaps a
    pair of mandarin ducks, or maybe even blow
    out the cobwebs in that corner. maybe paint
    that corner pink or out a collage of your ideal
    female up on the wall there. see? it’s not like
    you cannot do anything about your romance

  2. dJ phuturecybersonique

    hmmm. the southwest corner of my room at my parents’s home and mine happen to be the closet. i’m not sure about wanting to be the geek in pink. i do have my computer wallpaper rotating between katherine heigl, natalie portman, martina hingis, keira knightley. something about their foreheads it seems. anyhoo, at the rate i’m going, i’ll be needing all the luck i can get to get lucky. thankers, mamasan! :D

  3. laydiefa

    starting from last year, i only had 1 resolution. nothing more, nothing less. reason being.. having 5-6 pun belum tentu jadi.
    last year i planned to lose weight, which turned out to be a huge success haha so proud of myself.
    and this year, my resolution is to recycle/reuse/repair everything that i want to throw. except the ones omitted by the body of course :D

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