So You Really Wanna Dance To My Remixes?

Here is what's been keeping me busy lately. I recently accepted an assignment to do some music editing/remixing work for 8TV's So You Think You Can Dance show (on top of the usual stuff at my day job). Those maniacal music mangling and mutilation did come to something after all. Now not only does the music (if you can call it that) has the potential to bleed people's ears nationwide, it also has the prospect of actually getting some people physically injured while moving and gyrating rhythmically to it. Although I won't be making any screentime per se, being involved in a major TV production is getting me all hot and bothered already. The last time I remember feeling this sexy was when I got my iPod. For that, I would like to go on record to thank Audi Mok for bringing me to 8TV's attention. I owe him a hamper now. The ones that come with cans of lychee in it. He accepts no substitutes.

So You Think You Can Dance airs every Thursday at 9:30pm, beginning tomorrow April 5.


  1. Lynn

    Looking forward to see your name in the credits! hehe

    oh wait, I think I might have to wrestle for the remote from my mom who’d be watching AF. Oh well, I watch in my room then *lol*

  2. osman

    Hmm… u still need the sean paul tracks bro?

  3. Lizzam

    ko masukkan tak lagu smack my parap-parap ko tuh?

  4. princessren

    like i told u so.. hehe… i know talents when i see 1.. chewah. Congrats :) ~ mary

  5. Natasya

    “The last time I remember feeling this sexy was when I got my iPod.”

    Haha this is the funniest thing I read today. (either that or i’m easily amused)

  6. mafiaries

    huh..good bro!
    I missed the first show, but i will definitely watching the next one.Keep us posted about your work loh..

  7. Zaidah

    Waah, Iwan! Celebrity DJ now ya? Heard abt the Msian stint of So You Think You Can Dance. will catch it when i’m back. Congrats dude!

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