The tracks on this mixset are somewhat dated but I’ve grown fond of this mix as this was one of the first mixes I’ve ever done back in 2004. And by hand too (this was way before I got to know about Deckadance or Ableton). I’m putting it up here as the external hard disk that I use to archive my materials is beginning to go wonky already. My balls have shrunk as a result of that. So get it while you can (the track, not my balls).

Tracklist: Mr. Dabada (Carlos Jean), Ya Mamma (Fatboy Slim), Supermokhtar (Tyco/KRU), Magic Carpet Ride (Philip Steir feat. Steppenwolf), Funky Shit (The Prodigy), Morning Lemon (The Chemical Brothers).

dJcybersonique – Phuturetronica

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  1. Arin Safea

    Downloaded the track. Pretty cool stuff man.

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