Cybersonique-dot-Org V2008

Unlike people with better social lives than I do, I spent the last few moments of 2007 like a geeky homeboy changing this website entirely to greet 2008. So no more doing Web 2.0 stuff on Web 0.8 piece of technology. The weblog engine that I wrote using classic ASP back in 2001 to run this website has served me well the last 6.5 years so it's high time that I picked up and move on to ASP.NET and get a life on with the program. All the past contents and comments are still there, just in case if I need to hold people to what they've said make sense of what I said or did for myself in the future. There are casualties though. The Phuturecam is one and the other being the recently introduced Livelinks. I may resurrect them in the future if enough people miss them too much. Yet, despite all the spanking new nourishment you're gonna get from this site, it will still remain ad-free for your amusement.

Again, I'm not sure if all of this will help me get laid in 2008 but here's trying anyways. Happy New Year, everybody!


  1. laydiefa

    Hooray i’m the first one to comment. Eh got preview some more! :P

    I’m thinking of holding a contest "How many times the word ‘laid’ has been mentioned in this blog".

  2. jaywalker_82

    OK lah, I’m the second to comment then :D

  3. Sashi

    Nice! Happy 2008!

    Now jom rematch at Scrabulous!! ;)

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