Wanna Wii?

I got myself a Wii the other day. Let the innuendos begin!

I've never owned a game console before. But the simplicity of the Wii as a whole did it for me. Not to mention how it's gonna make everybody look ridiculous when playing it. Plus, the name alone is a hoot. You can just about insert it into any sentence and it becomes hysterical. "Wii will rock you" or "Wii rise to the occasion" or as their ad goes, "Wii would like to play". I've been told that lines like "Do you want to see my Wii" or "Would you like to play with my Wii" can help me get laid though it's more likely that I'll end up getting pepper sprayed, tazered, kicked in the nuts or issued with more restraining orders (or all of the above) instead by women all over.

I only have the bundled Wii Sports right now and I'm hooked on the Tennis and Bowling games. I made the mistake of playing them too long in a stretch and ended up with a sore arm. I'm such a wiimp. I really need to get out more often. At least it'll increase my chances of finding a wiife.

Okay, I wiill stop now.


  1. Lizzam

    "with more restraining orders" ?

    how many you have now?tsk..tsk…

  2. pyerudz

    just another reason for not getting any ah-wekss.

  3. azura abas

    I am not a game console person either, but Wii is awesome!

  4. mary

    gonna get em in few mths time… after i get my driving license that is :P haha…

  5. msiagirl

    Wii have a Wii too and wii are playing wii Fit!

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