The SPURMOsexual

Do you find yourself:

  • Checking a woman's wedding ring finger when you meet her?
  • Mentioning ex-girlfriends early in a conversation so that people don't assume you're gay?
  • Having women you are considering hitting on call you 'sir'?
  • Saying, 'fifteen years is not that big of an age difference'?
  • Sleeping with a Yummy Mummy no longer involve an older woman?
  • Having two or more godchildren?
  • Thinking 'who are all these old people,' only to find out they're your age?
  • Always being put in the worst room of a chalet/villa on holidays?
  • Thinking that hair loss a greater threat to the planet than global warming?

If you answered 'yes' to more than half of these questions, you're a SPURMO. You are as endangered as the burrowing owl, mountain gorilla and the Florida manatee.

More on SPURMOs.


  1. nina

    teehee… boy, it does amaze me when people are getting vocab-wiser each day. ;-)

  2. nong

    are you one of ’em?

  3. mandie

    im glad im a girl lol.
    to much to think about,i already have to watch out for the ladder in my tights and the skirt stuck in my knickers.

  4. louisa

    Your comments have been highly entertaining and refreshing btw. I am surprised that none of the ladies have fallen to your charms with such humour and frankness…:)

  5. celine

    hello… atcually i very like ur music about the gambus jodoh…. how i can download it… coz i think i want use the music in our performance at our annual dinner…. can u send the music for me….

  6. Aida

    So.. how many of your YES answer out of these 9 questions? :D

  7. filet0fish

    aren’t you supposed to be a "SPURMOT" instead?
    Single Proud Unmarried Man Over Thirty.

    a few more years down the road, you’ll be auto-promoted to a SPURMOF!

  8. jaywalker_82

    Note that I’m the first male to comment on this entry?

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