Never Leave Your (Invitation) Card At Home

It's one of those things you hear happening to other people and usually dismiss it as being downright silly thinking how could it possibly happen. But I am actually here to live to tell about it.

It was yet another wedding weekend. Since the date wasn't an auspicious one like the recent 080808, perhaps the full moon had something to do with the fact that many people wanted to get married at about the same time. Anyways, got a few invitations and decided to make it to a couple. And so we went to one. Walked into the hall. Greeted the hosts with the usual chatter. Since the newlyweds weren't around yet, we were shown to the buffet line for the food. Got the food and settled down to one of the tables. There we were happily munching on when the newlyweds finally made it into the hall. Then came the realization: "We're actually at the wrong wedding reception." And so we tried to graciously make our way out of the hall. But not before we were given bunga telur for coming to the reception.

Yet another silly episode in the life of yours truly. Just like that time when my apartment got accidentally renovated.


  1. Isam

    Are you sure you left your wedding invitation or you just decided to gate crash someone else’s wedding? :-)

  2. pyerudz


  3. laydiefa

    burrrp.. kenyang jugak.
    so did you guys made it to the correct wedding?
    then makan again? haha.

  4. Sun

    maybe this is a good way to get free food?

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