The Story Behind Rihanna’s Concert Postponement

Apparently Chris and Rihanna were partying and she was heard yelling Don't Stop The Music and telling the DJ to Pon De Replay all night long. Chris got sick of it and started to beat her up with an Umbrella. Hurt and shocked, she tried calling for S.O.S. (Rescue Me) but no one heard her. She was this close to tell Chris to Break It Off but instead got him to take her into his car and told him Shut Up And Drive to the closest hospital. Now the poor girl has to go to Rehab.


  1. Peter Tan


  2. JFK

    Such a good girl gone bad…. Sigh.

  3. jaywalker_82

    Ella ella ella eh eh

    Jangalah pukul saya saya saya saya eh eh eh eh eh

  4. Lisalicious

    wow you’re good in using all their songs :D

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