I Phoney Baloney

People who complain about the ridiculous price plans for the iPhone that just made it to our shores via Maxis should get a little bit of perspective. For one, while a mobile phone is a necessity, the iPhone itself is not. It's a nice to have phone. Just like a car is a necessity for most of us, a BMW/Mercedez is not. If you can't afford the iPhone, there's always Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Samsung, LG, etc. just like there's Toyota, Honda, Hyundai, or heck, even Proton. As for the somewhat limited functionality of the iPhone as compared to others (MMS, 3G video calls, etc.), again a BMW doesn't exactly stack well against a hybrid Honda Civic in terms of gas mileage for instance, even though the former is pricier. Catch my drift?

So in case you're still stuck in Steve Job's reality distortion field or just being overly kiasu that you have to get the latest phone in town but can't due to the immenent recession, there ARE other cheaper alternatives out there. And stop preaching to those intent on getting the iPhone over others and just leave them to their own choice of device.

Now that I got that off my chest, if you'll excuse me, I'll be collecting my overpriced limited function portable telephone come March 21 to replace my previously overpriced 4 year old phone that's giving me callouses on my thumb from all the navigation done on its sticky joystick already.


  1. kew

    Congratulation on your new phone! Hope you enjoy your BMW phone…

  2. Azura Abas

    Well said!!

    I am glad that it finally made it to our shore. Now Malaysians can have the REAL iPhone not the tempered version which is similar but just not the same!

    I love mine to bits and I am sure you will love yours too. But then, we both are apple heads hahah :)

  3. Bill

    You’re missing the point. People are not complaining about the price of the iPhone, but about the price of plans from Maxis. If the iValue plans were simpler or more attractive, I’m sure existing iPhone owners would want to switch over as well.

  4. jaywalker_82

    Have fun with your new phone. Can I send you an MMS every now and then? Oh… OK….

    Tee hee hee…

  5. Lizzam

    wow, an overpriced limited function portable telephone a week before MY birthday!

    could it be? could it be?

    btw, if you want to MMS i can buy a Tphone and swap with your iphone…got dual simcard summore…

  6. Azura Abas

    iPhone OS 3.0 will address some of the limited functionalities of the iPhone. I can’t wait. :)

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