I'm taking a quick break from my busy schedule to give props and shoutout to Cybersonique-dot-Org on its eighth birthday today. It's been a bit on the quiet side this year (only 23 entries including this one so far) but hopefully it'll still be around in the years to come providing the two or three of you out there some glorious insights into the goings-on in the void that is the mind of yours truly.

Happy Birthday, Cybersonique-dot-Org.


  1. laydiefa

    happy birthday!
    i hope i’m counted in those ‘two or three’ of you.
    so who’s another ‘one or two’?

  2. pyerudz

    sibukkah, malaskah?

  3. jaywalker_82

    Here’s 2 to wish Selamat Hari jadi to the 8!

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