It’s 2020! Blogging feels so Y2K at this point. Is it still relevant?

So much water under the bridge since I last wrote anything significant on this website. I finally got laid married in 2016 (after unlocking the “40 Year Old Virgin” achievement the year before), been blessed with a son in 2017 and have been busy adulting since. There were times I wished I did all this earlier but reflecting back on my own attitude towards things back then, I don’t think I’d have the wisdom and patience to deal with some things.

I’ve also succumbed made the plunge to move this website to WordPress after years of running this thing on my own homebrewed solution. I finally realize the wisdom of using something that is widely supported and used by the community at large after years of having the “not invented here” syndrome. Again, I wish I did this earlier.

“Wisdom too often never comes, and so one ought not to reject it merely because it comes late.” – Felix Frankfurter