I Wanna Jong Jong Inai With Teriyaki Boyz

Yet another remix/mashup that will most likely mess your auditory senses. This is what happens if C. Loco & Suria meets Lumidee & Fatman Scoop meets Whitney Houston & The Teriyaki Boyz. I doubt they’ll ever be in the same room to party together in our lifetime so this is the closest you’re ever going to get to that.

C. Loco & Suria vs. Lumidee & Fatman Scoop (feat. Whitney Houston & Teriyaki Boyz) – I Wanna Jong Jong Inai With Teriyaki Boyz


  1. omecool20

    Kewl Mix :P

  2. a i z a

    gile creative la mr redzuan ni

  3. Lizzam

    wan, ko buat lagu teriyaki boyz versi tradisional plak…kalau bleh ko memang gempak…

  4. AyuNiLe

    even better and not so irritating as the original song =)

  5. laydiefa

    how many are there.. 4? 5?

  6. sarah

    talented la ko.. best la..
    siok…10/10 la..peace brother!

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