I Heart HatiYoga!

I’m going to go out of my way for once to lend my support and promote this petite and pretty person with a penchant and passion to turn people (even those resembling Pilsbury or Playdoh) into pretzels with panache. I’m talking about Ninie – The Yoga Instructor. She’s made it as one of the finalists in the Nescafe Kickstart reality TV show (airs every Saturday at 7:00pm over TV3). HatiYoga, Malaysia’s first yoga magazine, is her brainchild in which her wish to reach out and share the beauty and benefits of yoga to Malaysians is realized. For RM10 year-quarterly, you also get an instructional VCD to guide you with those breathing and body-bending yoga moves. Real value for money!

Promotions aside, I personally feel that Ninie has a lot going on for her in pursuit of her passion and to realize that magazine of hers. It definitely showed during the HatiYoga’s launch this morning. For that, I have nothing but utmost repect for her (perhaps the ability to greet “Sawadeeka” from behind has something to do with it as well). And despite yoga being non-violent by nature, I hope she will kick major asses in Kickstart!


  1. The Yoga Instructor

    Thank you for your hearty support and for being part and heart of my Hati.

    Red rocks! :D

  2. Sh. Fatimah Nasuha

    Where can i buy the yoga magazine?i live in terengganu…i’ve search everywhere but didn’t find any…

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