Suhu Rinduku

Anybody who knows me will probably know how dangdut music irritates me like how my mashups probably irritate some people that they rather have a sharp pointy thing being shoved into their ears. So this new mashup will probably be the mother of all irritations combined. Over at Facebook (where all the action has been happening apparently), I put up a question asking which song by a Malaysian artist would they like to hear being mashed-up/remixed with a foreign act’s and if workable, I may just do it for real. Christina in all her creative wisecracking wisdom came up with Amelina Dangdut with Sean Paul. Since it was her birthday, I decided to just do it. Here’s Amelina Dangdut’s Rindu mashed with Sean Paul’s Temperature. The first mix was originally over 5 minutes long. It has now been pared down to a torture friendly duration of just slightly over 3 minutes.

At this time of writing, I’m still trying to get Siti Nurhaliza and Snoop Dogg to duet as per Sashi‘s suggestion. Yes, people. I’m taking requests!

Amelina Dangdut (feat. Sean Paul) – Suhu Rinduku


  1. Sashi

    Hahaha! Woo hoo! Go Snoop, go Siti!

  2. nina

    mmmm…. interesting… wait ! i’ll give you my list. :-p

  3. Lizzam

    Dangdut irritates you? biar betul…was it not you who sang the kocok-kocok song aloud last time?nasib baik tak gerudi skali…

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