The Next Pendirian

Siti x Snoop

Sashi the funny fella wanted me to mash Siti Nurhaliza and Snoop Dogg in a song. It looked impossible in the beginning until this morning when I woke up post imsak (my body parts can really go on auto pilot and shut off the alarm even though when I’m in REM state). Feeling frustrated that I missed out on the time window to fill up my tummy to make it through the first day of fasting, ideas started to stream about the requested mash. Unlike Audi who recently had the chance to record Malaysia’s pop darling in his studio, I just had to make do with whatever stuff I have on my iPod (which incidentally has now run out of space). So here’s the end result. I call this mix the Sashi Syok Sama Siti Mix. Try saying that out loud a couple of times for effect.

Siti Nurhaliza (feat. Snoop Dogg) – The Next Pendirian


  1. Rauff

    I am not a fan of siti but I must say that you did a good job son. ONE~!

  2. laydiefa

    mak suka!! and that tongue twister is not bad either :p

  3. aw



    Man, can you lay down some more hip hop with some Sheila Majid hooks (you know, the ballad-y or jazz-y vibes)?

  4. Sashi

    Wow. Not only am I extremely honoured – but damn! This is great stuff!

  5. suanie

    fuwahhhh i likee!!!!

  6. Erna Mahyuni

    Dude, I looovee this. Siti & Snoop, ZOMG.

  7. Vad3r

    And Dr Dre too ;) Boleh tahan :D

  8. cass

    very nice!

  9. alysha

    omg this is awesome!!

  10. lucknorr

    cool mix. i like.

  11. minci

    great stuff. looking forward to more. :)

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