Puisi Bu De Bu Ai

I got this one done late last year as I was finishing up “Selamat Tinggal Genie”.  It’s a mashup of Shazzy’s “Lagu Puisi” with Wilber Pan and Xian Zi’s “Bu De Bu Ai”.  I initially released it among my friends on Facebook first trying to gauge the response before actually releasing it on the interweb in conjunction with the coming Chinese New Year. If anything, I hope the Year of the Ox will help me further my musical bullshitting mangling skills.

Gong Xi Fa Cai everyone!

Shazzy & Xian Zi – Puisi Bu De Bu Ai

Note: The comments below were taken verbatim from their own responses to my posted item on Facebook that I copied and pasted here.


  1. filet0fish

    i like it… :)
    *2 thumbs up*

  2. floyd

    ..its great, red!!

  3. sun


  4. kiat hau

    i like this stuff man!!! another great mix from my best fren!

  5. kelv

    Nice one.. very talented DJ!

  6. laydiefa

    let me add another comment. i like it too! (brapa kali nak cakap ni entah :P)

  7. Bun Virus

    damn.. ur good… (if u know what i mean… LOL)

  8. Vince Ong

    Redz’s Remix compilation alwayz impressed me =P

  9. Sia

    phenomenal! a reflection of our true Malaysianess.

  10. jaywalker_82

    huat ah!

    if only our country’s leader is like this mash

  11. Ah Joo

    really bu de bu ai this song!

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