Common HTTP Error Codes In Relationships

Over the years, I've had my fair share in dealing with various situations in relationships. Being a geek an IT professional in my day job, I can't help but notice the similiarity of it to the HTTP error codes a web server gives out to the client browser, especially when it comes to rejections. Among the common ones (in accordance to the RFC 2616 standards):

404 Not Found: Girl not found, i.e. that Dream Girl or The One. Sometimes also used as the response you give when people ask "Why aren't you married yet?" or "Dude, where's your girlfriend/wife/date?"

403 Forbidden: Request not allowed. Usually to go out on a date, for a long term relationship or sex. Sometimes it is preceded by a 401 Unauthorized (see below). Parents of the girl are also known to issue such response.

401 Unauthorized: Girl doesn't know you (or pretends not to know you). If she does, it is usually followed by the 403 Forbidden error code (see above) like when you ask for her phone number or any other personal details (direct or via a proxy). Also issued by the girl's parents sometimes when they don't know you (or pretend not to know you).

400 Bad Request: Girl doesn't like your request. Mostly due to that choice of eatery you suggest to go to on that lunch/dinner date, the kinky lingerie you ask her to wear or that "monkey pulls the turnip" karma sutra position that you're eager to try out.

301 Moved permanently: Girl has moved elsewhere/changed phone numbers. Most likely she has had enough of your stalking or your incessant requests to try out that "monkey pulls the turnip" karma sutra position.

500 Internal Server Error: Girl having PMS.

503 Service Unavailable: Girl not answering your phone calls.

With this, it is hoped that fellow nerds geeks out there will have a proper understanding as to why you're not getting that elusive 200 OK code.


  1. JustinKC

    Hahha thats hilarious! never tot 500 internal server error would be PMS LOL

  2. Pokku

    LOL! Good one Wan.
    But I guess you are still single out of choice.

  3. jaywalker_82

    So what about 501?

  4. Lizzam

    muahahahahahah….this IS funny…and I guess this will be forwarded sampai ke anak cucu!

  5. Nilesh Babu

    hahaha… good one

  6. Peter Tan

    Please demo monkey pulling the turnip position. Even better if in video.

  7. pyerudz

    lawak IT dari orang IT untuk semua orang walaupun tak berapa reti IT.

  8. lina

    Hehe Iwan, you ni memang kreatiflah. Teruskan usaha murni anda untuk menceriakan dunia IT :)

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