I’ve been very much an MSN Messenger
user all this while. I do have accounts on other messenger platforms
but I’ve pretty much stuck with MSN ‘cos it’s been made the standard
at my workplace and I’m just too lazy to install other messenger
software on my machine. I guess I have somewhat abandoned some
of my pals who are on other platforms all this while. Not anymore!
I just discovered something called Jabber
and I’m just hooked! This thing is like the Swiss Army knife of IM! I
can be on all IM platforms at the same time by just using Jabber alone!
It’s also not tied to any specific OS as it supports almost all OS in
existence due to the fact that it’s also Open Source. The Jabber client
that I use has a rather clean User Interface as well so that’s another
plus point. I’ve always hated the cluttered state of the ICQ interface
and that has somewhat put me off as well. I guess I have no excuse
for not being in touch with my friends using other IMs now! Enough

I think I’ve pretty much decided on which digital camera to get, the
Canon Powershot A20.
I’m decided on the features and this one is smack on target. It has
also got good reviews on Amazon.
I’m gonna be going out this weekend to do some price surveys on this
thing. Also to check if it’s actually available in this country! :\

Oooh! Here’s a new babe on the block: Jolene Blalock.
She’s playing science officer TÂ’Pol on the new Star Trek prequel series
Enterprise. Speaking of babes, Ms. Teen USA is showing on TV right
now. It’s amazing that these young women have great minds to go
with their looks. Visual AND mental stimulation! Grrrroowwwrrr! Anyways,
later y’all! Drool time! :P~~~