Mondays always suck. Period. Besides Monday being my pet peeve,
another major pet peeve of mine has to be driving the streets of KL
during rush hour. @#$%! It’s a confounding experience I tell you. As
if the traffic jam is not already bad, you have to put up with some of
the most uncouth drivers on this planet. No way they’re gonna give way,
even if it’s your right of way, which in turn causes more jam in the end.
Then, there are the motorcyclists. Now we’ve all been made to learn to
be considerate of them motorcyclists and all that. Thing is, I think
the same needs to be done for them to be considerate and courteous
too. Look, you’re riding a bike that’s like about 5 to 6 feet long and
about 2 feet wide. You don’t HAVE to be riding smack in the middle
of the road in the middle lane right??! As if that’s not enough, your
weaving in and out of traffic just gets on other road users’ nerves as
well! Good grief! Driving used to be pleasurable and more so when I
was studying abroad to the point of it being therapeutic. Now it’s just
being traumatic. Worst part of it is that I have to go thru it everyday
now first thing in the morning for about 1-1.5 hours and then again
at the end of the day. Really not good for one’s mental health. Then
again, since when my mental thingy being healthy anyways? Hahaa!