The rest of the family had to go back to JB to attend to some family
emergency yesterday, which means I get the whole house to myself
this weekend. I would sometimes look forward to this kinda opportunity
for the simple reason of being able to have my life run at my own pace
for a couple of days. Throwing parties may be fun, but cleaning up
after is not as enjoyable, especially on your own! I was needing some
personal time anyways, just for the sake of recollecting myself. So far
at the rate I’m going, it’s more like I hole myself up in my room, with
cable TV going on in the back, cold fast food and pizza left on my study,
soft drinks that has lost its fizz and bottles of mineral water lined up on
the shelf with me either lazing down on my bed, scribbling some stuff
on scraps of papers, reading some book that I just happen to grab off
the shelf, watching some crap on TV or furiously tapping away on the
keyboard. Bliss! I did manage to get myself out from the confines of my
room and house later when I went for my evening run and then later
MidValley and Bangsar.

I slept rather late last night, or rather this morning. I got on to the ‘Net
sometime at 3am when I stumbled into Suria online on MSN. Ended up
chatting and rambling whilst browsing the web and stuff and the next
thing I knew the clock was already showing 5:30am! *slaps forehead!*
I really, really gotta stop doing those sorta things that’ll screw my bio
clock up!

Listening to: X-ecutioners feat. Mike Shinoda and Mr. Hahn – It’s
Going Down