I already really hate it when people call me up to work on weekends. But when people call me up to work on weekends and then turns out that whatever stuff you worked on gets wasted because of some glitch in planning and coordinating the work, I get really ballistic! I could've used the afternoon to go watch Spiderman instead of laboriously poring, formatting and editing some other people's write-up and then coming up with your own part in some large documentation project which all ended up as irrelevant. Bah!

Rather than spend the rest of the Saturday evening fuming mad or moping over what happened, I decided to hang around with Albert and Shaz (of the Xfresh.com outfit) since they were hanging around at KLCC anyways. I sure was glad I did so as it proved to be a rather interesting evening! Also finally managed to meet Ardeana and KJ for the first time! It's been awhile since I last hung around with these people. Being in the company of adults, especially through long periods can really be stifling. No doubt that they're experienced and more mature in many sense but they can also be rather rigid in some. I like hanging around with young people simply because of the mindset, creativity and youthful energy that they possess. I find it disturbing sometimes that some parties work their way through to pacify the youth in the name of keeping order. Here's an article I came across about a year ago which advocates some form of liberation for the nation's youth. It was written by a rather prominent politician in our country who was once a doctorate student at my alma mater, Purdue University.